Athletics is an Olympic discipline, consisting of events in which athletes run, jump, throw and walk competitively. It is one of the oldest disciplines in Olympic history, being part of the Ancient Greek Games, from 700 BC. Athletics has become one of the most dominant Olympic sports over the past 20 years, with such sports stars as Michael Johnson, Usain Bolt, and Felix Sanchez. The Dominican Republic has become one of the sporting powers in athletics during the last 10 years, thanks to the arrival of superstar Felix Sanchez, an athlete whose name is shared with the Olympic Stadium, in Santo Domingo. This athlete brought the country World Championships, Pan American Medals, and two Olympic Games gold medals (2004 Athens, 2012 London). Sanchez’s success has inspired a new generation of Dominican athletes to go after an Olympic dream, among them, the young Luguelin Santos.

Nuestros Atletas

Jose Manuel Abud
- Ateltismo
Luis Andres Vasquez
- Ateltismo
Marysabel Senyu
- women's high jump
Liranyi Alonzo Tejada
- Women 100m
Alexander Ogando Bautista
- 4x400 metros
Yancarlos Martínez
- 60m, 100m, 200m
Marileidy Paulino
- Athletics
Mariely Sánchez Hichez
- 200m Femenine
Luguelin Miguel Santos Aquino
- Athletics
Lidio Andrés Feliz
- 200m, 400m Masculine
Juander Santos Aquino
- Athletics
Fiordaliza Cofil
- Athletics
Anabel Medina Ventura
- 400 m femenine
Ana Lucia Jose Tima
- Athletics