About us | How does it work?

CRESO raises funds from its founding members.

The different federations present their annual budgets and the Dominican Olympic Committee’s (DOC) technical team recommends the disciplines with the greatest Olympic projections. Based on the DOC’s technical recommendations, the investment grade is determined for each of the selected disciplines.

CRESO does not provide funds directly to the athletes, but guarantees their presence in the most important international competitions to further their athletic development, and provides educational scholarships to all athletes in the program.

CRESO has internally created a hybrid academic and career placement program, where 100% of the educational scholarships in academic centers in the Dominican Republic are covered for the athletes benefited by the program.

CRESO provides an exhaustive follow-up progress of the athletes’ academic and professional careers so that, once their sports career is over, they can work in any field of sports or other area in which they have been professionally trained.

This way, we ensure that the traits obtained from leadership in sports, translates into professional leadership, impacting the development and growth of the Dominican Republic.