Weightlifting is a sport, practiced primarily at the Olympic Games and other world championships, which involves lifting competition to see who can pick up the most weight. The sport is divided into two types of elevators, the lunge and the snatch. Each is a different type of elevator, gathering forces from more than one full body movement in the snatch and the lunge involves the lower body with the athlete getting under the bar.   Weightlifting traces its history back to the 1800s, with the first world competition to be held in 1891. Weightlifting was part of the 1896 Olympics, but was withdrawn afterwards. It was added back to the Olympics in 1920, and has been an integral part of the games ever since.   The Dominican Republic has recently seen a surge in weightlifting participation, thanks in large part to the success of women like Wanda Rijo and Yuderqui Contreras. Contreras has been a two-time Pan American Games gold medalist and 4th place Olympic medalist, a position also achieved at Rio 2016 by Beatriz Pirón.

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