VICINI highlights CRESO complementing State support

The president of CRESO (Creando Sueños Olímpicos) affirmed that the support this entity provides Dominican athletes, is “ a complement of the investment made by the Dominican Republic via the Ministry of Sports”.

Mr. Felipe Vicini, said he feels very proud of Dominican participation in the Olympic Games which are being hosted here and where Dominican Republic has a presence featuring 35 athletes in ten disciplines.

“We are simply making a contribution, in addition to the investment being made by the Dominican State”, through the Ministry of Sports led by Felipe Payano. Vicini gave a speech amid a reception that CRESO and the Dominican Embassy in London hosted for the Dominican delegation and has been following up on Dominican participation, attending all the events where the Quisqueya athletes are competing in.

The Dominican government contributed with more than RD$68 million for the preparation of the delegation that takes part in the Olympic Games, and many of the athletes whom are in London have also received additional support from CRESO, a program created by a pool of Dominican businessmen. On his end, Felipe Payano, Minister of Sports complimented the words spoken by Vicini and congratulated him for the initiative.

“This is a paramount step for Dominican sports, for personalities of the caliber and prestige of Felipe Vicini to have partaken in an initiative of this level”, said Payano, whom is also present supporting Dominican participation in these games.

He exhorted the Dominican people to join the CRESO initiative, because as he puts it “it is the best investment that can be made”

“A well backed sportsman has as consequence good presence in each of the events he attends, and also in the future we will have healthier citizens, pollution-free”, expressed Payano.

Source: Miscelanea Deportiva