No doubt about it. The COD will be twice rewarded by CRESO.

The wonderful CRESO program, led by a cluster of prestigious entrepreneurs and aimed at supporting Olympic athletes, has organized an upcoming assessment.

From my perspective, as one of my parents in journalism would say, Mr. Leo Corporán, it will be a very beneficial gathering.

And I bet on saying that the COD will be doubly rewarded. Why?

The main impresarios forming CRESO attended the past Olympic Games. So what happened?

I am completely sure that they realized the magnitude of an event such as the Olympic Games. And secondly, what it costs to the great nations, to prepare an Olympic medalist athlete.

Our governments have invested vast sums in our athletes, but if we compare them to other countries, we are short all the way from here to Italy.

Seen this way, I believe CRESO will double their support to DR athletes, so they can compete to some level of equality with the great superpowers of the world. The country can feel highly proud that in the last editions, we have had bronze, silver and gold medal winners.

We are titans; a people of heart, pride and quality. That same support that we expect is doubled by CRESO, will need to be imitated also by the Government, because today, in order to win in sports, we have to invest massive amounts of money.

With regards to the use given to CRESO resources by the COD, that is the least worry, given that Luisín Mejía must be defined as one of the most honest leaders, hard-working and best manager in the history of the nation.

If we look at this from this perspective, this CRESO-COD marriage, will be longstanding, and greater financially speaking each time, all in the benefit of our athletes.

Source: Hoy Digital