Manuel Corripio emphasizes creation of CRESO Program

The created program Creando Sueños Olímpicos (CRESO) comes to play a role beyond sports. The affirmation was issued by businessman Manuel Corripio, one of eight members supporting the initiative with efforts and investments in favor of elite athletes and new values, via the Dominican Olympic Committee.

Corripio sustained that asides being a key factor in grooming athletes that will represent the country at international competitions, CRESO is providing a source of studies to the national representatives.

“This project was created not only to support the individual in their sports practice, but also in the intellectual aspect, by facilitating that they are able to finish their high school education, and if they have, then to be able to register to undertake an university career”, expressed Corripio.

Manuel Corripio spoke to this reporter last Tuesday after business man Felope A. Vicini, chairman of CRESO, had announced the creation of the program, which is sponsored by eight of the main companies in the country.

Together with Distribuidora Corripio  and VICINI Group, as part of the pool of companies that have joined in  favor of high-performance athletes, are Central Romana Corporation, Grupo Rica, MercaSid, Claro, Fertilizantes y Químicos Dominicanos (FERQUIDO) and Banco Popular.

“We want to contribute to the development of these athletes in their field as well their education, because the time for sports passes, but a profession will remain for the remain for the rest of their lives”, said the Grupo Corripio executive.

He emphasized that companies are backing a noble cause, by signifying that athletes are a national pride, not just of the sport.

“We are contributing to the development of human beings as well athletes by the role they play in the benefit of the nation and we are proud of the accomplishments these athletes have achieved at international events”, he commented.

Questioned on the timeframe for implementing the program, Corripio affirmed that CRESO is a long-term investment and work, as well as outreach initiative. “It is a mission from the country towards athletes that we are promoting, and this is not a short-term program”, he précised.

At the act last Tuesday together with Manuel Corripio, were present the other businessmen that, via their companies, will destine resources so that the Olympic Committee can solve with greater depth, the development programs of all international elite athletes.

Present among the attendees were Felipe A. Vicini, President of CRESO; Braulio B. Brache, of Grupo Rica; José Mármol, of Banco Popular; Frank Micheli, of Central Romana Corporation; Freddy Domínguez, VP at Claro; and Antonio Najri of Ferquido, as well as Roberto Bonetti, of Mercasid.

Source: El Nacional