CRESO has been a god sent to the Dominican Olympic Committee and the national sports federations. Several companies have joined in on this initiative to support Dominican sportsmanship.

And to do justice, we need to acknowledge that its contributions have been vital for the pursuit and conquest of medals in all first rate international championships.

Felipe Vicini, CRESO Chairman, paid attention to Luisín Mejía, Chairman for the Dominican Olympic Committee, on the need for the entrepreneurial sector to help the Quisqueyan athletes. The CRESO executives met and proposed the COD their willingness to contribute.

Among the topics agreed on, forming a technical commission to be chaired by Prof. Tony mesa, in order to assess the participation of the federations in the international competitions.

This commission is coordinated by Prof. Nelly Manuel Doné, whom is also advisor to the Executive Committee of the COD, and especially to its Chairman, Mr. Mejía.

In order to receive CRESO endorsement, athletes need to excel academically, and in their discipline, and exercise model citizen behavior. These are the aspects to highlight and salute, for they help our young athletes very much.

Financial Situation

The Executive Committee for CRESO  is formed by: Felipe Vicini, from VICINI, president; Eduardo Najri (Ferquido), vice-president  and members: Manuel Corripio (Grupo Corripio); Manuel Alejandro Grullón (Banco Popular Dominicano); Oscar Peña, (Claro); Julio V. Brache (Grupo Rica); Roberto Bonetti Pastoriza (Grupo SID), Frank Micheli (Central Romana Corporation LTD); Cándido Rivera (Sol Company Dominicana S.A) and  Luisín Mejía Oviedo (Dominican Olympic Committee), with right to vote and participation.

Felipe Vicini

The work of all CRESO members has been distinguished for athletes can exercise good work at the Central American, Pan American and Olympic Games. As well as in other important competitions. Felipe Vicini, CRESO Chairman, has placed much effort in meeting the agreement made with the COD for the benefit of all athletes. And all results have been evident. See you tomorrow Dominicans!

Source: El Nacional