Fencing in the D.R Has Achieved Position at Events

The Dominican Fencing Federation, based on its work and dedication, has achieved to position this discipline within the most preponderant levels, nationwide.

The works have begun to render fruit, despite this being a discipline whose sails took a new direction during its debut stage amid the 2003 Pan American Games, which were hosted inland, that have awoken interests among the young whom fancy this discipline, asides also showcasing its modern pavilion, located in the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Centre.

The country, on account of hosting the Pan American Games, had to participate in all disciplines, and a group of sportsmen decided to organize this federation with views to their participation in just manner which they shared with athletes from around the continent.

The associations. The executive committee for the federation, presided by Junior Arias Noboa, works with the associations, aiming to strengthen fencing further as a national discipline.

We have 10 associations, with close to 400 athletes registered from all over the country, where we are currently hosting trainings, courses, and camps so they know the basics of this discipline, said Noboa.

In light of the federation leader, the fruit of the invested efforts can be seen in the different provinces, with all events that have taken place so far. The Federation is also preparing the national tournament, where the future members of the national selection will be met.

Many saw as difficult the task to develop fencing , for it is not a traditional sport practiced in the country, however the results have proven us right, because when you work towards attaining a result, the same is achieved”, Noboa stated.

CRESO. Arias Noboa greeted the approach made by a pool of entrepreneurs to form CRESO, to help high-performance athletes. We thank CRESO for its support in training and sponsoring our athletes’ travels to all international events.

Source: Hoy