Felipe Payano proclaims Felipe Vicini acknowledges Government support to sports

The Minister of Sports of the Dominican Republic, Felipe Payano, publicly thanked all compliments and comments made to his person and the sports politics of the government mandate of President Leonel Fernández on behalf of impresario Felipe Vicini, president of CRESO (Creando Sueños Olímpicos). He graded these words as a recognition made by the private sector to the public sector in the matter.

“We have only interpreted the sporting sense of President Fernández, whom has given us solid support in these last eight years, and amid the first four 1996-2000, he also backed sports greatly and Dominican youth”, said Payano.

“This is a very important step for Dominican sports, that personalities of the quality and prestige of Felipe Vicini have taken an initiative of this level”, said Payano, whom is also here following up on Dominican participation in the games. Payano asked the Dominican people to join the CRESO initiative, because as he said, “it is the best investment that can be made from the private sector”. “A well backed sportsman has as consequence good presence in each of the events he attends and also in the future, we will have healthier citizens, pollution free”, Payano added.

He expressed that when he was appointed Minister on the 17th August 2004, that his work would focus on working directly with athletes, the trainers, the sport immortals, the sporting glories and so it has been. Likewise, he has maintained a relationship of mutual respect with the authorities of the Dominican Olympic Committee, as well as with the presidents of the 27 National Sports Federations.

The president of CRESO (Creando Sueños Olímpicos) said here in London that the support given by this entity to Dominican athletes “is a compliment” of the investment made by the Dominican State via the Ministry of Sports. Mr. Felipe Vicini said he feels very proud of the Dominican participation in the Olympic Games that are being hosted here and those in which the Dominican Republic has a presence featuring 35 athletes in ten disciplines. “We simply are issuing a contribution, in addition to the investment done by the State”, via the Ministry of Sports, headed by Felipe Payano.

The Dominican government contributed with over RD$68million to prepare the delegation taking part in the Olympic Games and many of the athletes whom are in London have also received additional support from CRESO, a program created by a pool of Dominican businessmen. On his end, Felipe Payano, Minister of Sports, complimented Vicini for his words and congratulated him for the initiative. (HG)

Source: Dominicanos