DR Athletes Deelegation Will Travel On Monday to World Games in Russia

The Dominican Federation for Athletics and the Dominican Olympic Committee, showed their satisfaction for having the Dominican Republic participate for the first time ever, in World Athletics Games.

The delegation, composed by 10 athletes, departs on Monday to form part of this world event, which will take place in Russia from August 5th-10th.

“In time the country will value this effort for qualifying. We cannot ask for medals, but we can ask for great performances, you have all known how to maintain, and above all, attend such a high-level event as are these world games”, said Luisín Mejía, Chairman of the COD.

The female team, of the 4×100 dash, formed by Marleny Mejía, Marielys Sánchez, Fanny Chalas and Margarita Manzueta, achieved its classification for this event by achieving 44.86 seconds in Canada.

Also, Félix Sánchez will compete in the 400 meter dash, while Luguelín Santos will compete in the 400 and 200meter, as well as Marleny Mejia whom will run the 100 and 200 meter track race.

“The goal is to compete for two medals, and see what happens on the 4×400 relay. These athletes are in tip top shape”, said Gerardo Suero-Correa, president of the Dominican Athletics Federation, whom thanked CRESO for the support provided so this delegation could attend this event and participate.

The sports expert stated that the ten athletes selected to participate in these World Games in Russia have met all expectations with a extensive training program, and have achieved their mark to be present at the above-mentioned event.

Source: Listin Diario