CRESO will sponsor high-performance athletes

Executives from the CRESO Program, hosted a reception to announce their support towards high-performance athletes. The activity, which featured the attendance of representatives from the different companies which form CRESO, took place in the Wiche García Saleta Hall of the Dominican Olympic Committee.

The act, which served as venue to announce the sponsorship of high-performance athletes in four new disciplines which will receive financial as well as academic endorsements, was headed by Felipe Vicini, President of the CRESO Board of Directors; Luisín Mejía, Chairman of the COD, and José Billini, executive director to CRESO.

Also among the attendees, were Mr. José Mármol, representing Banco Popular; Eduardo Najri from Ferquido; Gerty Valerio, from Claro; Demetrio Almonte from Sol Company Dominicana, and Manuel Luna from VICINI, as well as Edwin Rodríguez, Juan Cohén, Radhamés Tavárez and José Figueroa, directors of the four new federations that join the program: Gymnastics, Golf, Judo and Swimming, respectively.

“With these new disciplines we expand our commitment and support to athletes seeking their personal development and excellence, through sports, leaving a legacy of academic training, with the purpose of forging leaders in sports, or any other professional field these athletes wish to work in the future”, Billini said.

Source: El Caribe