CRESO, the great ally of DR athletes

In 2010, after winning the world record in medals at some Central American Games and the Caribbean (137), Luisín Mejía defined as “an invisible sponsor” when speaking of Grupo  VICINI, whose financial contributions were key for this historic performance.

It was not the first time this emporio offered support to the field of sports, but these were the first fruit of a model program developed in 2009, that in three years has harvested priceless results, and has allowed them to conquer the support of other companies.

Matter of fact, in the 10 disciplines that the country will be present at amid the London Olympic Games, five achieved their plane tickets thanks to the sponsoring on behalf of the program Creando Sueños Olímpicos (CRESO).

And Mejía, president of the Dominican Olympic Committee (*Comité Olímpico Dominicano –COD), defines this project as one of the greatest conquest achieved by Dominican sports in decades, considering this as vital for the consolidation of the nation as a winner of medals in the commitments of the Olympic Cycle.

The program supports the careers of athletes recommended by the COD, and has a goal for the medium-term to train the representatives that will be country ambassadors at the Rio de Janeiro Games 2016. Studying and being an athlete with vision and projection is the only requirement.

The results convinced other renowned companies to join the project and currently, asides VICINI, forming CRESO are, Banco Popular, Claro-Codetel, Mercasid, Grupo Rica, FERQUIDO, and Central Romana Corporation. Other firms have showed interest in partaking within the initiative, a similar one to the one which allowed Spain to become a worldwide sports superpower.

Source: Noticias