CRESO and Dominican Embassy welcome athletes

Creando Sueños Olímpicos (CRESO) and the Dominican Embassy in Great Britain hosted last night an official reception, amid which they introduced, to over 200 guests, the delegation that would represent the Dominican Repblic in the Olympic Games that begin as of today here in town.

The president of CRESO, Felipe Vicini, congratulated all Dominican athletes for their classification, which is already considered a victory, and exhorted them to try their best in order to attain the best result possible in each of the ten disciplines in which the country will be competing in.

Federico Cuello Camilo, Dominican Ambassador in London, pointed out the “unprecedented number”of 35 athletes that will represent the Dominican Republic in the Olympic Games. “It will be the best occasion of bearing our standard higher, much higher, this tri-coloured flag that we are all honoured to extol”, said Ambassador Cuello Camilo.

Gabriel Mercedes, who will be the standard-bearing athlete of the delegation in the inaugural ceremony tonight, thanked CRESO and the Embassy for the reception and the support given to the athletes. Also, he valued the investment CRESO, has been making in high-performance sports for many years, and motivated his companions to defend proudly the colors of the Dominican flag in London.

The chairman of the Dominican Olympic Committee, Luis Mejía Oviedo, considered that the elevated classification of athletes to London was the result of the work organized based on Olympic cycles that the entity has been developing, supported by the investment made by CRESO in high-performance athletes and in the compliance in the subject matter of disbursing all agreed-upon funds by the Ministry of Sports.

Source: Diario Libre, Listin Diario, Listin Diario, El Dia