Conversing With Edwin Rodríguez. Gymnastics Are Limited to 40%; Equipment is Obsolete

The Dominican Gymnastics Federation is working at 40% capacity, due to the obsolete equipment and inadequate facilities, lack of electricity, water and progressive deterioration of the venue serving as training area for the young athletes risking their future in this discipline. The equipment have exhausted their lifespan, given they were purchased for the celebration inland of the 2003 Pan American Games, and are obsolete whereas some are in very poor condition and are hazardous to the athletes lives and careers.

The alarm was raised by the Federation director, Edwin Rodríguez, who expressed his concern for the future of this discipline, given it is only being worked at 40% capacity of what needs to be done to help develop this discipline further. We have the same equipment we used in the Pan American Games of 2003, which are in very bad condition, some obsolete and others do not even correspond to the visualization of the new elements, Rodríguez said, when conversing with journalist Gustavo Rodríguez, in his equity of the Dialogue with Athletes of Periódico Hoy, under the direct supervision of Franklin Mirabal, sports editor. He pointed out that the greatest risk is the pit, where athletes train, which have resulted injured during their trainings, as it happened to renowned athlete Yamilet Pena, whom saw herself unfit to participate in an international event.

Equipment Costs: 4.5 million. Rodríguez, upon raising the flag, manifested that the equipments, 4 apparatus’ for the female division and six apparatus’ for the male division, feature a cost of RD$4.5 million, but unfortunately, the federation lacks the funds, reason why it calls out to the private sector and the State for aid in order to develop a work as Dominican athletes, whom specialize in this discipline deserve it. Rodríguez indicated the sum does not include duties nor shipping costs, regardless of the country of purchase.

Help from the Sports Ministry: Rodríguez manifested that Sports Minister, Dr. Jaime David Fernández Mirabal, aided him greatly with making possible for the School of Gymnastics to be present in a event hosted in Costa Rica, resulting in a great experience for the children. He spoke to the Sports Minister concerning the purchasing of the equipment, and manifested that currently the Sports Ministry budget did not contemplate these funds to be available, but that in the future, his request will be dealt with.

Source: Hoy